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Western Medical Enterprises Applicant Questionnaire

Directions: Please provide responses to the two sections below. The expectation is that each response is from 1–2 pages in length (not including the information already present in this document which is approximately one page). You are expected to support your assertions, ideas, or opinions with at least two scholarly or professional resources where appropriate using current APA style and formatting.

Section 1: Leadership and Collaboration Experience

Briefly describe an instance where you were required to lead and motivate a team of professionals to collaborate. It does not need to be in a health care setting. If you have not lead a team of professionals before, use a different example.

Next, analyze your approach to the challenge using specific examples. It is not important whether or not your efforts were successful. What is important is the approach you take to appraising your leadership and collaboration decisions and actions. Do the following:

  1. Analyze your leadership of the project. Consider the following:
    • What was the purpose or shared vision of the team?
    • The effectiveness of your leadership approach and style. Did you get “buy in” from stakeholders?
    • Decision making processes and outcomes? What were your good decisions? What would you have done differently? Western Medical Enterprises Applicant Questionnaire
    • How did you communication your vision, values, decisions, information, et cetera?
  2. Analyze your approach to fostering collaboration and motivation among stakeholders. Consider:
    • How well you facilitated member or participant collaboration and engagement with one another. Did participants communicate effectively? Western Medical Enterprises Applicant Questionnaire
    • Actions you took to motivate people to realize your vision or tactics. Did the team or participants feel motivated and energized by you? Why or why not?

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[Enter Your Response for Section 2 Here]

Section 2: Ethics Experience

Briefly describe an ethical dilemma that that demonstrates your application of ethical principles in the health care setting. Next, analyze your response or actions (even if there were none) to the event against one of the reference points below. Were your inactions or choices supported by the chosen framework? Be specific and include two references citing one or more of the following.

  • Any workplace code of ethics (consider choosing one from a place you work or have worked).
  • The professional code of ethics for your profession.

AND one of the following:

[Enter Your Response to Section 2 Here]

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Western Medical Enterprises Applicant Questionnaire

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