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Understanding Adult Learning Theories

As an instructional coach, it is important to understand various adult learning theories in order to implement useful learning strategies for positive instruction. Pedagogical instructional strategies are not always as effective in instructional coaching as andragogical strategies. Implementing teaching strategies appropriate for the adult learner offers multiple opportunities to meet the varied needs of the instructional staff and increases the effectiveness of the instructional coach.

For this assignment, create a visual (matrix, graphic organizer) for other instructional coaches that will guide their understanding of Malcolm Knowles’ principles of andragogy.

Your visual should include:

  • How the principles apply to instructional coaching.
  • Teaching strategies that would be appropriate for coaching the adult learner.
  • Identification of the differences between andragogy and pedagogy and the significance each has on adult education. Understanding Adult Learning Theories
  • Two andragogical strategies to engage adult learners during instructional coaching.

Briefly summarize your findings in 500-750 words. Your summary should succinctly explain Malcolm Knowles’ principles of andragogy and how they apply to continued adult education. Get Benchmark – Literature Review Essay Help.

Support your findings with 3-5 scholarly resources.

Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.

Understanding Adult Learning Theories


Understanding Adult Learning Theories

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Understanding Adult Learning Theories

This first paragraph is your introduction. Begin with a strong grabber/intro statement go get the reader’s attention. Don’t forget your Purpose Statement. See this article for help with a Purpose Statement. http://faculty.washington.edu/ezent/imwps.htm   100-150 words.

Summaruy of Malcom Knowles Principles

In this paragraph, you will specifically and insightfully summarizes the principles of Malcolm Knowles. 100-150 words.

Summary of Principles Applied to Adult Education

In this paragraph you will be describing how Malcom Knowles principles are applied to adult education. 100-150 words. Understanding Adult Learning Theories


Many people simply slop through their conclusions and don’t put much effort into it. This paragraph is just as important as any other in this essay. For help, please watch this great video on how to write a killer conclusion. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2L7aeO9fBzE Make it strong, and end with a bang! 100-150 words.


Here you’ll include your references page. Watch the video above, and for more information on APA citations and references, check out this additional video. I would like to see 3-5 references minimum for this essay. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HpAOi8-WUY4/Understanding Adult Learning Theories

Indent the second and third lines of your refs as is done here.


1[For APA reports, add footnotes, if any, manually on their own page following references.  Do not use the Insert Footnotes method on the References tab as they will not be formatted correctly.  For APA formatting requirements, it’s easy to just type your own footnote references and notes.  To format a footnote reference, select the number and then, on the Home tab, in the Styles gallery, click Footnote Reference.  The body of a footnote, such as this example, uses the Normal text style.  (Note:  If you delete this sample footnote, don’t forget to delete its in-text reference as well.  That’s at the end of the sample Heading 2 paragraph on the first page of body content in this template.)]


Table 1

[Table Title]

Understanding Adult Learning Theories

Column Head Column Head Column Head Column Head Column Head
Row Head 123 123 123 123
Row Head 456 456 456 456
Row Head 789 789 789 789
Row Head 123 123 123 123
Row Head 456 456 456 456
Row Head 789 789 789 789

Note:  [Place all tables for your paper in a tables section, following references (and, if applicable, footnotes).  Start a new page for each table, include a table number and table title for each, as shown on this page.  All explanatory text appears in a table note that follows the table, such as this one. Use the Table/Figure style, available on the Home tab, in the Styles gallery, to get the spacing between table and note. Tables in APA format can use single or 1.5 line spacing.  Include a heading for every row and column, even if the content seems obvious. A default table style has been setup for this template that fits APA guidelines.  To insert a table, on the Insert tab, click Table.]

Figures title: Understanding Adult Learning Theories

Figure 1. [Include all figures in their own section, following references (and footnotes and tables, if applicable).  Include a numbered caption for each figure.  Use the Table/Figure style for easy spacing between figure and caption.]

For more information about all elements of APA formatting, please consult the APA Style Manual, 6th Edition.

EDU537-Week 1 Understanding Adult Learning Theories

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