(Solved) PY 525 Weekly Paper Assignment Solution

PY 525 Weekly Paper Assignment


The purpose of this assignment is to develop an understanding of different methods of personality assessment. Weekly papers provide an opportunity for students to apply critical thinking skills to discover the relative strengths and weaknesses of each approach to personality assessment.


  1. Students will develop an understanding of key psychometric concepts including concepts of reliability and validity.
  2. Students will explore ethical responsibilities associated with conducting personality assessments, and will identify critical competencies required for accurate and ethical scoring and interpretation of assessments.
  3. Students will analyze the relative strengths and weaknesses of self-report versus performance-based methods of personality assessment. PY 525 Weekly Paper Assignment
  4. Students will be able to describe methods, intended purposes, and information yielded from established personality measures including the self-report inventories such as Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI) and the Millon Clinical Mutli-Axis Inventory (MCMI), as well as performance-based measures such as the Rorschach Inkblot Measure, and House-Tree Person technique.

Preparation Instructions

  1. Compose papers using Microsoft
  2. The paper should be formatted and typed using Times New Roman, 12-point font, double-spaced, and one-inch margins (no exceptions). PY 525 Weekly Paper Assignment
  3. Papers must be 2-3 pages in length and MUST follow APA (Points will be deducted for failure to adhere to APA guidelines.)
  4. Each paper must reference a minimum of 1 source (published books, textbook, or peer reviewed journal articles).
  5. You will be allowed to reference a credible Content Instructions

Follow the instructions for each week’s paper requirements:

1.      Week 2 –

  1. Describe the purpose of personality assessment and utilizations of it?
  2. What is reliability and its importance?
  3. What is validity and its importance?
  4. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages (according to the text) of self-report

2.      Week 3 –

  1. Name and describe at least 4 competencies for giving tests in PA
  2. Identify 2 key components in scoring and test interpretation PY 525 Weekly Paper Assignment
  3. What are some of the most important factors in selecting and administering self- report inventories?
  4. What are some of the key ethical responsibilities that a clinician must be aware of when administering and interpreting personality assessments?

3.      Week 4 –

  1. Provide a description of how the MMPI was
  2. Provide a brief description of 3 specific clinical
  3. Provide a description of 3 specific validity scales and how they are used in the interpretation process
  4. What is a codetype? How is a person’s codetype determined?
  5. Discuss the uses and pros/cons of the MMPI-

4.      Week 5 –

  1. Describe the intended purposes and uses of the MCMI-
  2. Provide a description of each of the scales in this PY 525 Weekly Paper Assignment
  3. Compare and contrast the MMPI to the MCMI-3. What are some advantage of the MCMI-3 over the MMPI? what are some weaknesses of the MCMI-3 compared to the MMPI?

5.      Week 6 –

  1. Define the term “projective” as it applies to personality How is a projective test different from an objective one?
  2. What are the intended uses and purposes of the Rorschach inkblot test?
  3. How are the client’s responses interpreted? PY 525 Weekly Paper Assignment
  4. The Rorschach inkblots yield three sources of Describe these 3 sources.
  5. What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of the Rorschach inkblot test?

6.      Week 7 –

  1. Describe the methods and purposes of the HTP technique. What are some inquiry questions for the HTP technique and how does this give the examiner clinical information?
  2. Describe the methods and purposes of the DAP Discuss one interpretation of a feature drawn in the DAP technique.

Submission Instructions

  1. All papers must be submitted to TURNITIN and your originality score should always be lower than 35%. The papers Must be posted to Turnitin to be accepted.
  2. Save each paper as “fname_lname_week#.doc.” (i.e., doc). Replace the # symbol with the week number.
  3. Access the Paper Assignments link located on the Course Menu to upload the final document as an attachment to the Week# drop box (replace the # symbol with the week number) by the due date listed on the Course Schedule. Get Epidemiology Paper Help | PY 525 Weekly Paper Assignment
  4. Refer to the grading rubric below for specifics on grading

Grading Rubric and Writing Guide

Rubric Content Areas (RCA):

  • Structure and Presentation: Appropriate use of cover page, section headings, assignment structure, page length, and works cited page. PY 525 Weekly Paper Assignment

| 0                                       1                                              2                                                          3|

  • Writing and Grammar: Appropriate writing style, spelling, and editing of

| 0                                       1                                               2                                                        3|

  • Requirements of Assignment: Appropriately complete each component of the assignment in terms of both tasks and content required to address. Does paper content have a logical flow?

| 0                                       1                                               2                                                          3|

  • References and Citations: Appropriate use of citations within the body of the text and bibliography page.

| 0                                       1                                               2                                                          3|

  • Sociological Imagination: Overall correct and consistent application of sociological principles, creativity, and synthesis of related course material

| 0                                        1                                              2                                                          3|

PY 525 Weekly Paper Assignment

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