[SOLVED] NURS540 Research Utilization | Complete Course Solution

NURS540 Research Utilization Week 1 Discussion

DQ1 This week, you will be submitting a research topic and problem statement for use in your research proposal to your instructor for approval. Share your proposed research topic and problem statement with your classmates. Explain why you chose this topic and why it is meaningful in the field of nursing. Then, review at least two of your classmates’ research questions and explain why you do or do not feel the questions are appropriate for the research proposal. Offer suggestions for improvement as needed.

DQ2 A successful literature review is a key component to any research project. Conducting good research without a solid foundation is difficult. What are some of the most critical components of a good literature review? How will you ensure that you write a successful literature review for your planned research proposal? What are some of the challenges you foresee when writing your literature review?

NURS540 Research Utilization Week 2 Discussion

DQ1 What are the key differences between quantitative and qualitative research? Why would you choose to develop a research project that is quantitative instead of qualitative, or vice versa? What are some considerations to be made when deciding between quantitative and qualitative research?

DQ2 What are some of the challenges involved in combining methodologies when creating a research proposal and carrying out a research project? How can these challenges be overcome?

NURS540 Research Utilization Week 3 Discussion

DQ1 When you develop a research project, you need to have a reliable and valid method of measurement in your study. Using your anticipated research proposal, how will you address the issues of reliability and validity? What concerns do you have over reliability and validity in your study and how will you overcome these concerns? Next, read two of your classmates’ posts and analyze how they addressed reliability and validity in their studies. Do you have any recommendations for improving reliability and validity?

DQ2 Appropriate sampling is a critical component in developing a good research project. Using your approved research questions and research topic, explain your anticipated sampling method and why this is appropriate for your research proposal. What is your sample size? Next, read and review two of your classmates’ posts and analyze their sampling approach. Are their sampling approaches appropriate? Why or why not?

NURS540 Research Utilization

NURS540 Research Utilization Week 5 Discussion

DQ1 What are some ethical issues to keep in mind when using Internet-based research? How can you address these issues? Are you going to make any edits to your literature review that you submitted earlier in this course now that you have learned more about Internet-based research? Why or why not?

DQ2 Discuss the value of qualitative research and ethical considerations related to this type of research.

NURS540 Research Utilization Week 7 Discussion

DQ1 Discuss the steps required to submit research to a professional journal, and what you feel will be the biggest obstacle? Why?

DQ2 Read the article on the impact of maternal prenatal smoking on the development of childhood overweight in school-aged children (Links to an external site.) from the WCU library. Is the article quantitative, qualitative, or something else? State the study design, research question, and the strength and limitations of the study. Can the study results be generalized? Why or why not?

NURS540 Research Utilization Week 8 Discussion

DQ1 What is the significance of evidence-based practice to health care? Discuss the most reliable evidence-based sources.

DQ2 Now that you have submitted your research proposal and you are preparing to submit your research proposal presentation, how confident do you feel about developing a research proposal as part of your future career as a nurse researcher? Explain your answer. What questions or concerns do you still have about conducting research in nursing?

NURS540 Research Utilization Week 1 Assignment

Research Proposal Project: Submit Problem Statement and Research Topic

This week, you will seek approval for a research area for your quantitative research proposal project due in weeks 7 and 8.

Submit a one-page, double-spaced paper addressing the following points:

  • Identify your chosen research topic
  • Create at least one problem statement to go along with your chosen research area
  • Identify your research question/s
  • Explain the significance of the research topic to nursing
  • Upon completion, your instructor will approve, deny, or make recommendations for modifications of your research topic, problem statement, or research question(s) to ensure successful completion of the research proposal project.
  • If you need some assistance creating a PICOT question, click here (Links to an external site.) for a template provided by the AAACN.

NURS540 Research Utilization Week 6 Assignment

Research Proposal Project: Data Analysis Plan Data Analysis Plan

For this section of your research proposal assignment, you will carefully design a plan for analyzing your quantitative data. Explain in detail how you will go about analyzing your data. Be sure to:

  • Include definitions of all variables
  • Identify your null hypothesis and research hypothesis
  • Include the type of analysis to be conducted (correlation, t-test, confidence interval, regression, ANOVA, ANCOVA, etc.)
  • Explain why this type of analysis is most appropriate for your research
  • Identify the significance level (typically set to .05, but may be set to .01 or .10)
  • Explain what results you are looking for in your quantitative study (how will you know if you will accept or reject your null and research hypothesis?)

NURS540 Research Utilization Week 8 Assignment

This week, you will submit an 8- to 10-minute recorded presentation explaining the key components of your research proposal.

A brief introduction, including your research questions and hypothesis The significance to nursing An overview of your literature review A summary of your design and methodology Include: Get Benchmark – Literature Review Essay Help

  • Your sample procedures
  • Your data collection procedures
  • An overview of your data analysis plan
  • Ethical considerations
  • A summary and conclusion of your research proposal

NURS540 Research Utilization

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