(Solved) Leadership Philosophy Assignment #1 Solution

Leadership Philosophy Assignment

We human beings are complex. Our work life affects our personal life and the opposite is true. Your philosophy paper should address this in whatever way is right for you. This philosophy paper is your story of how you want to approach leadership, work, and life.

Formatting requirements

APA format (title page, page numbers, reference page).

Page count: Develop a paper that is clear and succinct. A concisely written paper is more valuable than a long paper that is not well organized. Leadership Philosophy Assignment

References: Minimum five references that you have found especially impactful in the evolution of your philosophy. These may be from assigned readings throughout the program or other sources (including, but not limited to, quotes from famous people, religious readings, poetry). These do not need to be nursing or professional resources.

Paragraphs should be a minimum of five sentences. It is likely that most paragraphs will need to be longer than that, to convey your message effectively. Before you submit this assignment, you may find it helpful to have someone else read your paper for feedback on the clarity and flow of the paper. Leadership Philosophy Assignment

Guidelines for this assignment

  1. This paper will be in APA format, including title page, page numbers, reference page, and introduction and conclusion paragraphs. You may use headings if it helps you organize your paper.


  1. Write an introductory paragraph that tells the reader what the paper is about.


  1. Write a paragraph about each of your 2 identified values (Family and Health) – in other words, discuss each value in a separate paragraph. Describe each value in your own words and then explain how you personify those values both personally and professionally, or your goals for further integrating them in your life. This is similar to a discussion forum assignment in Module 1; however, I am looking for more depth and application here.


  1. Describe your personal definition of leadership. If you had two minutes to convince an interviewer that you had a clear idea of leadership, what would that be? Leadership Philosophy Assignment


  1. What are your goals for continuing to develop your leadership skills? How do you want to be perceived by others (family, friends, co-workers)? Remember that these leadership skills can be used in every area of life. Describe how your values will shape your leadership practice. Leadership Philosophy Assignment


  1. Write about your perspective of the following concepts: emotional intelligence, communication, quality and safety, systems thinking, power, and ethics. Devote at least one paragraph to each of the topics. The first sentence in each paragraph will be your personal definition of the concept. Your writing should show evidence of how your learning on the topic has influenced you. In each paragraph, tie the concept to its usefulness in leadership. If a topic is still vague or unclear to you, describe what you need to do broaden your knowledge in this area.


  1. Address how your general life perspective has evolved since you started the program. When you look back, how are you different today from the person you were in August 2020? Leadership Philosophy Assignment


  1. Write a concluding paragraph that summarizes what the paper is about.


  1. Five references as noted above.

Leadership Philosophy Assignment

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