NURS-FPX4020 Assessment 4: Improvement Plan Tool Kit | Homework Solution

NURS-FPX4020 Assessment 4 Instructions: Improvement Plan Tool Kit

For this assessment, you will develop a Word document or an online resource repository of at least 12 annotated professional or scholarly resources that you consider critical for the audience of your safety improvement plan to understand or implement to ensure the success of the plan.


For this assessment, build on the work done in your first three assessments and create an online tool kit or resource repository that will help the audience of your in-service understand the research behind your safety improvement plan pertaining to a specific patient safety issue and put the plan into action.


Google Sites is recommended for this assessment; the tools are free to use and should offer you a blend of flexibility and simplicity as you create your online tool kit. Please note that this requires a Google account; use your Gmail or GoogleDocs login, or create an account following the directions under the “Create Account” menu.

Using Google Sites, assemble an online resource tool kit containing at least 12 annotated resources that you consider critical to the success of your safety improvement initiative. These resources should enable nurses and others to implement and maintain the safety improvement you have developed.

It is recommended that you focus on the 3 or 4 most critical categories or themes with respect to your safety improvement initiative. For example, for an initiative that concerns improving workplace safety for practitioners, you might choose broad themes such as general organizational safety and quality best practices; environmental safety and quality risks; individual strategies to improve personal and team safety; and process best practices for reporting and improving environmental safety issues.

Following the recommended scheme, you would collect 3 resources on average for each of the 4 categories focusing on a specific patient safety issue.

Each resource listing should include the following:

  • An APA-formatted citation of the resource with a working link. References and citations are formatted according to current APA style.
  • A description of the information, skills, or tools provided by the resource.
  • A brief explanation of how the resource can help nurses better understands or implements the safety improvement initiative pertaining to a specific patient safety issue.
  • A description of how nurses can use this resource and when its use may be appropriate.

Remember that you must make your site “public” so that it can be accessible.

Improvement Plan Tool Kit

Here is an example entry:

  • Merret, A., Thomas, P., Stephens, A., Moghabghab, R., & Gruneir, M. (2011). A collaborative approach to fall preventionCanadian Nurse, 107(8), 24–29. This article presents the Geriatric Emergency Management-Falls Intervention Team (GEM-FIT) project. It shows how a collaborative nurse lead project can be implemented and used to improve collaboration and interdisciplinary teamwork, as well as improve the delivery of health care services. This resource is likely more useful to nurses as a resource for strategies and models for assembling and participating in an interdisciplinary team than for specific fall-prevention strategies. It is suggested that this resource be reviewed prior to creating an interdisciplinary team for a collaborative project in a health care setting.

Additionally, be sure that your plan addresses the following:

  • Identify necessary resources to support the implementation and continued sustainability of a safety improvement initiative pertaining to a specific patient safety issue.
  • Analyze the usefulness of resources to the role group responsible for implementing quality and safety improvements focusing on a specific patient safety issue.
  • Analyze the value of resources to reduce patient safety risk related to a specific patient safety issue.
  • Present reasons and relevant situations for use of resource tool kit by its target audience.
  • Communicate in a clear, logically structured, and professional manner that applies current APA style and formatting.

Improvement Plan Tool Kit

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