Week 4 – Assignment: Create a Hospital Performance Dashboard | Homework Solution

Week 4 – Assignment: Create a Hospital Performance Dashboard

Access the Hospital Compare website listed in your resources for this week. On this webpage, enter the name of a hospital of your choice. The resulting hospital profile includes tabs to find information on the survey of patients’ experiences as well as other performance metrics.

Create a table of metrics based on the survey of patients’ experiences similar to the example shown. List the organization’s scores and national scores provided on the website. The metric table example shown was created using tables in a Word document. Alternately, you may wish to use Excel.

Table 4. Patient Experiences


Patients reported:

Hospital G National
Nurses always communicated well 73% 80%
Doctors always communicated well 77% 82%
They always received help as soon as they wanted 59% 70%
Staff always explained their medicines before giving it to them 64% 66%
Hospital room and bathroom always clean 69% 75%
The hospital always quiet at night 65% 62%
Information was given about what to do during their recovery at home 84% 87%
Strongly agreed they understood their care when leaving the hospital 46% 53%
Rating their experience a ‘9’ or ‘10’ on a 0 (lowest) to 10 (highest) scale 67% 73%
Would ‘definitely recommend’ the hospital 68% 72%

When you have created your Metric Table in Word, select the tab Insert and then click Chart, from which you will select a bar graph display. Your resulting image should look like the example here. If you created your Metric Table in Excel, select the tab Insert and click Chart, selecting the bar graph display.

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Figure 3. Hospital G Patient Experiences

Your report will include an introductory paragraph followed by a narrative on the importance of the patient experience indicators as compared to the national level and how patients’ perception affects hospital image, reputation, and demand for services. You will also discuss why analyzing patient satisfaction is important to the marketing needs assessment. You will include the metric table and the bar graph chart within the body of your report.

Length: minimum of 7 pages, not including the title page and reference page

References: minimum of 5 scholarly references—be sure to include the Hospital Compare website in your list.

Week 4 - Assignment: Create a Hospital Performance Dashboard

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