NUR 680 Week 3 Assignment: Clinical Worksheet | Homework Solution

NUR 680 Week 3 Assignment: Clinical Worksheet

In this assignment, you will build on the choices you made for NUR 300, Foundations of Nursing, revising them if needed.  You will be asked to make additional decisions as described below. Use this worksheet to present your information.  Do not remove the questions.  For the decisions you make below, explain your rationales, supported by your texts or other resources. This should not be based on your experience. Research best practices and provide the documentation.

Resources: You must include at least four references.  Two can include your textbook and course materials.  Both textbooks provide excellent information, and you are encouraged to use them.  Two additional scholarly resources from peer reviewed nursing journals must be used.

General Decisions

What is an optimal clinical setting for this foundations course?

What is an ideal faculty/student ratio for these clinical rotations?

What is the optimal number of clinical hours per day for a beginning student?

How and when will you orient the students to the clinical facility? Clinical Worksheet

The Clinical Day:  For a typical clinical day, answer the following questions.

How and when will you make your clinical assignments?

What type of preparation will you require of the students?

What kind of learning activities will the students engage in (consider the content and skills in the NUR 300 syllabus)? How will this change as the semester progresses?

Will you hold a pre and post conference?  If so, what will you do in each of these sessions?  If you are not planning to hold pre or post conference, provide your rationale and supporting documentation.

The Instructor’s Role in Teaching and Evaluation

How do you envision your role as clinical instructor?  What specific things will you do throughout the clinical day to guide and support the students?

How will you keep track of student performance and experiences throughout the semester?

How would you, as a clinical instructor for this course, utilize questioning, coaching, and feedback with the students? The Billings text covers this well. Clinical Worksheet address each one.

NUR 680 Week 3 Assignment: Clinical Worksheet

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What kinds of formative and summative feedback/evaluation will you use?  How and when will you do this?

What kind of written work (e.g., care plans, concept maps, case studies) Clinical Worksheet will you require of the students? How might that change as the quarter progresses?

Assuming you could make this decision, would you give a numerical/letter grade or a pass/fail grade for clinical?

Complete the self-evaluation tool below.

Self-Evaluation Tool: Characteristics of Effective Clinical Teachers

Instructions: For each characteristic, check if it is an existing strength and/or area for growth (can be both). Explain areas for growth in the comments section.  Don’t just ask yourself if you agree with these characteristics philosophically, evaluate your current ability to do them effectively with a group of clinical nursing students.

Characteristic Strength Area for Growth Comments
Knowledgeable about the subject matter and able to convey that knowledge to students in their practice areas.      
Personal clinical competence      
Be supportive of learners.      
Possess teaching skills that maximize student learning.      
Ability to diagnose student clinical learning needs Clinical Worksheet      
Ability to see students as individuals and work with differences      
Foster student independence      
Hold students accountable      
Encourage exploration and question without judgement or penalty.      
Design experiences to facilitate clinical competence. Clinical Worksheet      
Possess effective communication and questioning skills.      
Serve as a clinical role model.      
Be approachable, understanding, and enthusiastic about teaching.      
Exhibit accuracy and fairness in evaluation. Clinical Worksheet      
Provide constructive feedback.      

Adapted from Characteristics of Effective Clinical Teachers in the Billings and Halstead text.

List all references used for week 3 below.


NUR 680 Week 3 Assignment: Clinical Worksheet

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