(Solved) Bronfenbrenners Ecological System Theory Homework #1 Solution

Bronfenbrenners Ecological System Theory

Assignment Content


American psychologist Urie Bronfenbrenner formulated the Ecological Systems Theory to explain how social environments affect children’s development. This theory emphasizes the importance of studying children in multiple environments, known as ecological systems, in the attempt to understand their development.

The Assignment:

Part One:

After reading our course material, Chapter 3, and reviewing the video on Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Theory discuss the following: Bronfenbrenners Ecological System Theory

  1. In what ways do you see the philosophy of Bronfenbrenner being incorporated in early intervention programs or early childhood special education classrooms? ( 5 Sentences)

2.The world has changed a lot since this theory was introduced in terms of technological developments. How can Bronfenbrenner’s Exosystem of a child be expanded to include social media, video gaming, and other modern day interactions within the ecological system? ( 5 Sentences) Bronfenbrenners Ecological System Theory

  1. Do you agree with Bronfenbrenner’s ideas? Explain. ( 5 Sentences)
Part Two:

Make five circles on a sheet of paper or create a design of the Bronfenbrenner model using Microsoft Word or Paint. Draw or upload a photo of yourself in the center and add a timeline at the bottom. Then add all the people, institutions and forces that affect your life. On the timeline below the Bronfenbrenner model, add some major events from the past and those you expect in the future. Using the information recorded on your model, summarize how the 5 forces: (Macrosystem, Exosystem, Mesosystem, Microsystem, Chronosystem) are shaping your life? The summary format should include a minimum of seven sentences

Here is an example : ( you will fill in your info).  YOU CAN JUST DRAW A PICTURE TO YOUR BEST ABILITY FOR A BLACK FEMALE. Get Bronfenbrenners Ecological System Theory & Applying Research Skills Essay Help

Options for your design: You can draw your design on paper, scan/take a photo and then attach as a file, you can create a three dimensional model, take a picture and attach as a jpeg file, or create a design in word or paint and attach that. You have many options to choose from for this assignment.

Bronfenbrenners Ecological System Theory

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